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Keshimei adds a strong partner - Baodamei Plastic Products

2018-12-10 13:45:00        0

Keshimei adds a strong partner - Baodamei Plastic Products

The golden autumn is the harvest season. When the autumn wind is slowly and fruitful, the company will add a strong partner, Baodamei Plastics. Why do you say that Bao Damei is strong? And listen to Xiaobian one by one:

According to Xiaobian, Jackel International China Limited belongs to the Mayborn Group and is a British-owned company. In June 2016, Mayborn Group was officially acquired by Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd. and became a member of Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.

The company also owns the independent brand Tommee Tippee. The factory invested 150 million yuan in the old management area of Changping Town, Dongguan City in 1995. It has been built for more than 20 years and has more than 1,000 employees, with an annual output value of about 200 million. Production of daily necessities such as infants (milk bottles, pacifiers, pacifiers, straw cups, saliva pockets, tableware, bowls, rattles).

Since its establishment, Baodamei has won ISO9001--2008, IS09000-2015, IS013485, BSI certificates, etc., and all qualification certificates are complete.

Most importantly, the products produced by Podmei have a very high standard of quality. In the world, especially in Europe and the United States, the majority of users have been unanimously recognized and appreciated. British royal family members - George Little Prince, 13-year-old autistic boy Ben of the United Kingdom, used cups and bottles, are produced by the company.

See if I want to go to Baidu to see what kind of cups and bottles are used by George Little Prince! In fact, if you want to know, you can look for Koshimei mold injection, because Koshimei and Baodamei have become very Close partners! It is enough to see the great strength of Koshimei with the cooperation of big coffee like Baodamei. Here, Xiaobian congratulates Keshimei on adding a strong partner - Baodamei Plastic Products!

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