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How to position two-color mold

2018-02-05 14:30:00        0

Two-color mold injection molding technology is a popular plastic product production method. The two-color mold is generally composed of two sets of molds. In the process of injection molding, one set is fixed on the fixed mold fixing plate of the two-color injection molding machine, and the other mold is Installed on the moving plate rotary plate, the moving mold of the two-color mold needs to be rotated 180° after one injection to perform the secondary injection molding. Therefore, the positioning of the two-color mold must be refined, so as not to affect the subsequent mass production. 

When the two-color mold is produced in the injection molding machine, it is necessary to check whether the two poles of the two molds close to the injection molding machine interfere with the four columns on the injection molding machine, and the gap between the two is less than 10 mm. Less than 10 mm, it should be considered to cut the mold off the two corners of the guide post. Pay attention to the position and size of the positioning column of the rotating plate of the movable mold. It is necessary to select different injection molding machines according to the size and stroke of the mold and the height of the mold. Then, according to the parameters of the injection molding machine, the position and size of the positioning column, and the gate, Positioning ring radius.

Therefore, when designing the two-color mold at the beginning, it is necessary to combine the specifications of the injection molding machine of the two-color mold factory, so that a set of molds can be used on different types of injection molding machines, so that in the case of production tasks, Flexible scheduling. It will not affect the overall production capacity of the plant.

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